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Hello and Happy New Year!

Noticed how Henry Golding looks forward to the simple joys in life in 2016? Like laughter in the sun, running with the kids or floating with the garden breeze. What do you look forward to for the 52 weekends in 2016? What do you do to #OwnTheWeekend in 2016?

I’ve compiled a list of simple joys that may inspire your next treasured weekend, starting from…

  1. Waking up feeling energized. Energized because your roommate didn’t snore. Energized because the room temperature is perfect. Energized because the first breathe of air smells fresh.
  2. Watching sunrise or sunset. Sunrise and sunset happen every day but watching sunrise or sunset still makes one feel mesmerized…and happy!
  3. Spotting sky full of stars. Night sky without stars is calming. Night sky with stars is joyful. Night sky with shooting stars is magical.
  4. Lying on green grass. Due to our humid weather, you may not want to lie directly on green grass so lay a Flannel Leisure Sheet on shaded grass and just watch the clouds in serenity.
  5. Enjoying the breeze. Seaside, hilltop, vast land and even an air‐conditioned space; the only thing you have to do now is to close your eyes, lift your arms and embrace the soft cool breeze (like the scene in Titanic).
  6. Seeing new born smile. Raise your hand if you don’t smile when you see a new born or baby smile. We may not know why they smile at times but we know they have found simple joys in their new lives and that is a simple joy to us too.
  7. Celebrating life. Attend a wedding. Organize a birthday celebration. Join a graduation ceremony. Witness a toddler’s first walk. Chase a butterfly! Life is full of moments to be celebrated and to be joyous for.
  8. Playing. Video games with siblings, sports with friends, hide‐and‐seek with kids, Candy Crush alone – it’s in our gene to enjoy playing.
  9. Stumbling upon childhood memories. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40, or more, you can’t stop smiling when you stumble upon childhood memories, like games you used to play, places you used to go and snacks you use to eat.
  10. Feasting on favourite food. In Malaysia, this is simple joy not just because it brings smiles but also because there’s a wide selection of food around and it’s easy to find food too.
  11. Spending time with favourite people. Go for a picnic with your family. Go for a road trip with your friends. Go for a hike with your colleagues. Go outdoor with your favourite people because there’s less distraction (read: TV, smartphone, iPad).
  12. Doing your favourite things. Sleeping? Reading? Cleaning? Running? Chasing your dream? Doing nothing? As long as they make you happy.
  13. Visiting favourite places. We’re not just talking about traveling to a different country but going to places that you enjoy, like the shopping malls, your parents’ house or even your own bedroom.
  14. Meeting friendly strangers. But if you’re out and about, it’s always nice to meet friendly strangers who buzz you when you drop your stuff or ask you about your day when you wait for your train.
  15. Feeling at home. And especially if you’re at unfamiliar places, it’s awesome to feel at home, to feel at ease. An “apa khabar” greeting on an island in the Caribbean Sea would be a pleasant surprise!
  16. Giving sincerely. Give candies to kids. Give money to the needy. Give time to assist a lost tourist. Give roasted sweet potatoes to your neighbouring campers.
  17. Being thankful. I’ve seen this quote: “It’s not happy people who are thankful but thankful people who are happy.” Can’t agree more. If you shut yourself from appreciating the simple joys in life, you simply can’t be joyous. Simple joys start with you.

So here you have it the 17 simple joys of life to inspire your next weekend activity, in celebration of Coleman’s 17 years in Malaysia.

Let us know on social media how you #OwnTheWeekend in celebration of #SimpleJoy in life. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year again.



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