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Travel TV host and adventurer at heart, Henry Golding lives and works the life most outdoor souls envy. This year, he adds another new adventure to his backpack, by taking on the role of Coleman Malaysia ambassador.

Besides bringing on board a fresh new face, Coleman kicks off 2016 with more surprises – by opening new stores, both online and offline (for those who can’t get enough of touching and feeling actual goods) and the introduction of a new range of nifty products in Malaysia such as portable BBQ grills and outdoor

Here’s what Henry thinks of this new Coleman-Golding adventure.

How do you feel about being selected as Coleman’s Malaysia ambassador?
I was ridiculously excited…It ties so closely with what I love and do for a living – travel, the outdoors, exploring, it’s packaged neatly into the perfect relationship.

Your thoughts about more Malaysians embracing the outdoors?
In Malaysia, a lot of people are a little bit scared, almost terrified of the outdoors, but a lot of it is about taking the person and showing them a great weekend, taking them an hour or two out of KL into a whole new world.



What do you hope you could do with the Coleman brand?
People have the perception of camping brands such as Coleman being predominantly at camping sites. I want to show the adaptability of Coleman even in urban environments.

Best Coleman product to give a friend?
If I could give all of my friends just one of the products, it would definitely be the outdoor wagon. There are a crazy amount of useful things you could do with that. The laborious job of carrying equipment whenever I’m filming is totally put at ease by piling everything onto the wagon and dragging it along.

Beach bum or jungle adventurer? Which one describes you better?
I have cravings for both. Sometimes you just want to lie on the beach and have your feet massaged by rolling waves, soaking in the sunshine. There’s another side of me where I thrive to be in situations where the elements are against you. You find bliss in both situations.



Your pet peeve while out and about the outdoors.
Sand in my socks is my pet peeve! No matter how hard you try, you can’t get it out of your socks!

Quirky habits?
I snack a lot. My one problem is whenever we have a long drive to different locations, literally every little break, pit stop for gas, I come away with too many chocolate puddings.

Words of wisdom in less than 5 words?
Leave your comfort zone!

For the full interview with Henry Golding, watch it here.



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