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Coleman Malaysia Warranty

Warranty coverage

The Warranty only applies to products manufactured by or for Coleman that can be identified by the Coleman trademark or logo affixed to them. Coleman warrants each of the Coleman products against manufacturing defects (kind of defect occurs when a product departs from its intended design and functions) for the Warranty Period identified on the product label, computed from the date of receipt of the product by the purchaser ("Warranty").

The warranty ONLY applicable for Coleman products that are bought in Malaysia. The warranty period will be 1 year ONLY.

If a product is replaced during the Warranty Period, the replacement product will be warranted for the remainder of the Warranty Period of the original product.



The Warranty does not apply to any non-Coleman product, even if packaged or sold with a Coleman product, and does not apply to any counterfeit product.

Others exclusion include:

  1. Defects that come from normal wear and tear;
  2. Defects caused by accident, neglect, abuse, misuse, misapplication, or non-Coleman products;
  3. Defects caused by exposure to extreme natural conditions, liquids, or gases;
  4. Defects caused by handling by third parties (such as postal service);
  5. Defects caused by service (including repairs) performed by anyone other than a Coleman authorized representative;


Proof of purchase must be provided to claim the warranty, for example a receipt to show where and when you bought the Coleman products.