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Coleman Malaysia Warranty

Coleman products have a limited warranty from the date originally purchased. The length of the limited warranty may vary by product. 

Please read below for more details of warranty coverage:

Warranty coverage

The Warranty only applies to products manufactured by or for Coleman that can be identified by the Coleman trademark or logo affixed to them. Coleman warrants each of the Coleman products against manufacturing defects (kind of defect occurs when a product departs from its intended design and functions) computed from the date of receipt of the product by the purchaser ("Warranty").

The warranty ONLY applicable for Coleman products that from official resellers and distributors in Malaysia. The warranty period will be 1 year ONLY*

If a product is replaced during the Warranty Period, the replacement product will be warranted for the remainder of the Warranty Period of the original product. The product replaced will be warranted according to the original warranty period given when product was purchased and not warranted when product was repaired, replaced or exchanged. Any refund subject to purchases made via the official website, takes 21 working days minimum for processing and approval.


The Warranty does not apply to any non-Coleman product, even if packaged or sold with a Coleman product and does not apply to any counterfeit products.

Others exclusion include:

Warranty requirements for products with fabrics.

The purchased product can only be retuned or refunded if there were any manufacturing damage on the product when the customer receives it within 7 days of purchase. All warranty will not be a one to one exchange after 7 days rather will be just a fix and repair or replacement of similar series

This exclusion also includes the said product categories as below:

1. Bedding

2. Sleeping bags

3. Backpacks

4. Life jackets and puddle jumpers

5. Apparels

Defects that come from normal wear and tear;

All Coleman products purchased from our official website have a 1 year  warranty only to the structure of the furniture and NOT to the fabric of the furniture.

The warranty details of each Coleman product category is as below:

The warranty applied to Coleman product categories in cases of damaged caused on the structure of the said products are:

1. Coolers

2. Lighting 

3. Shelter

4. Tents

5. Furniture

6. Essentials

7. Inflatable boats

8. Cooking and heating appliances

- Defects caused by accident, neglect, abuse, misuse, misapplication, or non-Coleman products;

- Defects caused by exposure to extreme natural conditions, liquids, or gases;

- Defects caused by handling by third parties (such as postal service);

- Defects caused by service (including repairs) performed by anyone other than a Coleman authorized representative;

*Menthol and LED light bulbs are excluded from warranty claims

*Products below RM300.00 are not covered under warranty however can be exchanged 1 to 1 within 7 days due to a manufacturing defect.

*Products can't be exchanged if it's:
- Change of mind
- Not happy with product features or functions
- Man made defect

Tent & Shelter Warranty Policy

Exchange Policy:

- Visible defect such as tear, damage pole, and etc, Coleman will do exchange within 14 days upon receiving the product (Must be in a complete Set with box)

- Warranty covers for 1 year only to the structure and not the fabric of the tent.

- Purchase More than 14 days, the product is under warranty. Coleman will only fix and repair the product.

- Warranty will be voided if do not follow the maintenance guide. 

Guide for Tent Maintenance:

- Wipe with water and a cloth after each use

- Make sure the tent is 100% dry before packing/ storing, never store it wet or moist area

- Do not use or apply detergent/alcohol to clean the tent

- Do not use abrasive scrub/ spray gun/waterjet to clean the tent

- Store tent in cool and well ventilated area

- Avoid storing under direct sun/ high heat areas as it will melt the PU coating

- All guy lines need to be set up and pulled tight (water flows down a taut firm sheet)

- All stakes need to be put in (creates the shape and allows water to flow down in firm angles)

- Front awning door needs to be closed during rain.

Warranty only valid for product purchased from Coleman Malaysia via authorized Coleman Malaysia reseller or dealer.

Proof of purchase must be provided to claim the warranty, for example a receipt to show where and when you bought the Coleman products.