Coleman Malaysia has organized the very first Coleman Family Camp in 2020 during the school holiday in March. The 2 days 1 night (14th to 15th March) glamping experience have created a lot of fun, warm and sweet memories for the families and friends. Let’s see what they have enjoyed doing during the glamping!

1. The very first step for Glamping – Tent Setup


    Families collecting their Coleman equipment & gears before setting up



    Everyone were having fun setting up their tents and enjoying the quality time.

2. Simplicity is the best so let’s have some fun activities after getting your “home” done


      The kids is expressing their creativity with their parents.


    Who could ever resist the magic power of bubble! I mean look at the photo.

3. Dinner Time – Barbecue Night


    A BBQ once in a while keep the family close as ever. While parent cook for the children, some children cook for the parent as well.

4. Movie Night – Kid’s Favorite Cartoon Movie



        Who is up for some flying birds and green pig? – The Angry Bird Movie II

5. Simple Jungle Trekking in early morning the next day


    The scent of nature in the morning is always breath taking.

6. Morning Fun Exercise


    A good warming up session to get everyone hungry as the saying says "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper." ~Adelle Davis. So, MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

7. Breakfast session – Make your own waffle & ice-cream


    Morning mission where kids show their gratitude by making waffle for their parents!


    What is waffle without some ICE-CREAM? Shake, shake, shake for your ice-cream!


    When waffle and ice-cream is still not enough, no worries we have you covered with a buffet breakfast!

8. Dismantle Tent & The hard Goodbye


    The crews were showing demo of dismantling.


        Families and friends dismantled their own tents.

    All the families have the time of their life and some of the kids wanted to stay even longer. Nature is a part of everyone’s family and Coleman       will be the bridge that reconnects everyone with nature      once again.