Are you the type that’d wait all week for the weekend to finally arrive and choose to sleep in just because? Or are you the type that can’t contain your adventurous self to explore the vast outdoor once weekend arrives? Let’s meet in between this weekend and explore five special ways to own your weekend without getting out of the city but still enjoying the taste of outdoor.

Starlight Dinner with the Bae
Candlelight dinner should be left to the expertise of real chefs. Take starlight dinner to your own hands at the rooftop of your condo or the balcony of your house and impress your sweetheart this weekend for a night she will remember as long as the stars are still shining. Show her how real man cooks with RoadTrip Grill™. Then drink the night away, sit back & relax in the Patio Sling Chair, so comfortable that you might even doze off under the starlight.

Starlight Dinner with the Bae_Blog

Wayang Kulit with the Kids
Don’t wait till your trip to Kelantan to show the kids what wayang kulit is about. Cut some art cards for your storytelling characters, set up a piece of cloth as screen and sit behind the screen with CPX6.0V TM Millennia Lantern to recite their favourite story ala wayang kulit. Tips: you can easily set up a Sundome Tent 2P and sit inside the tent for your wayang kulit show. Be warned that the kids may pester you to allow them to spend the night in the tent so get your Compact C25 Sleeping Bag ready!

Wayang Kulit with the Kids_Blog

Backyard Party with the Buds
When was the last time you hosted a backyard party with your buddies? Broadcast a WhatsApp message to gather your pact at your house this weekend and celebrate the weekend like it’s a New Year because friendship moments are worth celebrating for, anytime. Get them to bring their favourite barbecue items and grill away with Cool Spider Stainless Grill, accompanied by the hottest playlist on Spotify. Don’t worry about the drinks; 70QT Xtreme® Cooler will keep 100 cans plus ice chilled to quench your thirst when you can’t stop the chatters. It can even double as a seat when you run out of Aluminium Deck Chair with Table.

Backyard Party with the Buds_Blog

Summer Splash with the Family
Bring the family to the pool and splash the tropical heat away. Build the confidence of kids in water by equipping them with the Puddle Jumper® series children swim aid. If you’re at a private pool, no one will judge if you bring out your Sevylor® Colossus™ Boat; just be sure everyone else who is not on board has enough pool space for themselves. Besides that, you can keep the adults entertained with Waterproof Playing Cards too, especially when the kids refuse to leave the pool just yet.

Summer Splash with the Family_Blog

Give Forward with a Good Intention
Someone once said that “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” Be thankful for the life and blessings that you have, starting with this weekend that you get to own! So load up 60QT Wheeled Cooler with up to 84 cans of chilled drinks and drag it on the street for a giveaway to people that you are thankful for; be it the mak cik selling your favourite nasi lemak , the neighbour watering beautiful flowers outside his house or the kids cycling around who remind you of your fond childhood. There’s always a chance for random act of kindness when you’re up for it.

Give Forward with a Good Intention_Blog

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