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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501246230
Coleman's representative long sailor gasoline two burner is now available as a 120th anniversary model. The classic Coleman red body is a reproduction of the shape of the trivet used in the 416, and with a design that does not fade even now and proper maintenance, it is a product that can be us..
Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501246247
Coleman's representative long sailor one-burner stove is now available as a 120th anniversary model. The classic Coleman red body is accented with a silver pump, and with a timeless design and proper maintenance, it will continue to be used for many years to come.Features:● Classic Coleman..
Model: 76501231434
"Powerhouse LP Two Burner Stove II" Comes with a carry handle that is convenient to carry.Slim body high output LP two burnerHigh-fire power gas double-burner with a thin and light body. Excellent wind resistance.Electronic ignition device.Foldable storage, easy to carry when going outProduct D..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522060114
Compact and convenient, this stylish and simple to use one burner table top stove comes with Piezo ignition. Comes in a protective carry case for extra protection during transport and storage. The Bistro 300 runs off Campingaz Easy Clic Plus CV300 cartridge meaning it can be connected and detached e..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522060824
Features:● Stainless steel pan supports are heat and corrosion resistant● Removable windshield around the burner protects the flame in windy conditions● Easy to operate control knob with precise flame adjustment● Stove casing and legs clip around the cartridge to secure it in place● Integrated stabi..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522041854
Features:● Foldable arms for compactness and easy storage● Adjustable power● Ultra light weight design● Fuel source : Campingaz® Gas Canister CV300+ & CV470+Specification:● Power: 1,300 watt● Boil time: 5 min 25 sec (1 litre)● Gas consumption: 90 g/h● Ignition: Match● Size: 13 x 13 x 9 (H) cm● W..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522062828
Features:● Offers the unique taste and ambiance of charcoal without the hassle and long time spent on igniting it – with a simple push of the Piezo button to fire up the grill● Reduces preheat time to 10 minutes● Cooking lid with hook● Heat zone firebox● Campingaz® Quick Start Technology™● Ash tray●..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522054496
A versatile, high-powered cooking appliance with multiple cooking functions, the Campingaz® 3-In-1 Stove can be used as a grill, griddle or stove. Easy to transport with a compact design that cleverly conceals a large cooking surface to create family feasts – from a hearty breakfast to an evening me..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 5012832549324
Features:● Stable plastic base with safety cartridge holder● 4 strong stainless steel pan supports with built-in wind protection● Fully adjustable power● Fuel source : Campingaz® Gas Canister C206Specification:● Power: 1,250 watt● Gas consumption: 90g/h● Boil time: 5min 35sec (1litre)● Runtime: >..
Campingaz Gourmet Flam Campingaz Gourmet Flam
2-3 Days
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522054441
Gourmet Flam’ Cooking has gone from a daily routine to lifestyle entertainment. Fancy dishes and exotic meals are prepared fresh, daily. The Campingaz® brand brings you the best accessory to create the perfect desserts, or to add a fiishing touch to starters or even your main dish. From ..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522089030
Soudogaz® X 2000 PZ with piezo ignition. Sturdy brass body and burner with fine flame adjustment for soft and hard soldering. Polypropylene shock-resistant, ergonomic handle. To use with cartridge C 206. High performance multi-purpose blowlamp with a high quality brass burner. Metallic cartridg..
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522041885
A compact, single burner stove ideal for easy transportation and storing during outdoors pursuits. The Twister Plus runs off Campingaz CV valve cartridges which can be quickly and easily connected or detached – even when they are not empty.Features:● Effortless, one click installation of cartridges ..
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