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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501246230
Coleman's representative long sailor gasoline two burner is now available as a 120th anniversary model. The classic Coleman red body is a reproduction of the shape of the trivet used in the 416, and with a design that does not fade even now and proper maintenance, it is a product that can be us..
Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501246247
Coleman's representative long sailor one-burner stove is now available as a 120th anniversary model. The classic Coleman red body is accented with a silver pump, and with a timeless design and proper maintenance, it will continue to be used for many years to come.Features:● Classic Coleman..
Model: 76501231434
"Powerhouse LP Two Burner Stove II" Comes with a carry handle that is convenient to carry.Slim body high output LP two burnerHigh-fire power gas double-burner with a thin and light body. Excellent wind resistance.Electronic ignition device.Foldable storage, easy to carry when going outProduct D..
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501231434 + 8809000508866 + 8809000508866
Product Specification:● Thermal power: maximum approx. 7,000 kcal / h (approx. 3,500 kcal / h × 2) (regular gas maximum output ) ● Burning time: Approximately 1.5 to 3 hours (when using a 470 g can) ● Used size: Approximately 64 x 32.5 x 52 (h) cm● Stored size: Approximately 54 x 32.5 x 7 (h) cm● We..
RM539.00 RM597.00
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Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522060114
Compact and convenient, this stylish and simple to use one burner table top stove comes with Piezo ignition. Comes in a protective carry case for extra protection during transport and storage. The Bistro 300 runs off Campingaz Easy Clic Plus CV300 cartridge meaning it can be connected and detached e..
RM432.18 RM480.20
Campingaz Bleuet® 206 Plus Stove Campingaz Bleuet® 206 Plus Stove
-10 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522060824
Features:● Stainless steel pan supports are heat and corrosion resistant● Removable windshield around the burner protects the flame in windy conditions● Easy to operate control knob with precise flame adjustment● Stove casing and legs clip around the cartridge to secure it in place● Integrated stabi..
RM224.10 RM249.00
Campingaz Bleuet® Micro Plus Stove Campingaz Bleuet® Micro Plus Stove
-10 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522041854
Features:● Foldable arms for compactness and easy storage● Adjustable power● Ultra light weight design● Fuel source : Campingaz® Gas Canister CV300+ & CV470+Specification:● Power: 1,300 watt● Boil time: 5 min 25 sec (1 litre)● Gas consumption: 90 g/h● Ignition: Match● Size: 13 x 13 x 9 (H) cm● W..
RM125.10 RM139.00
Campingaz Bonesco QST (L) BBQ Grill Campingaz Bonesco QST (L) BBQ Grill
-10 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522062828
Features:● Offers the unique taste and ambiance of charcoal without the hassle and long time spent on igniting it – with a simple push of the Piezo button to fire up the grill● Reduces preheat time to 10 minutes● Cooking lid with hook● Heat zone firebox● Campingaz® Quick Start Technology™● Ash tray●..
RM2,933.10 RM3,259.00
Campingaz BTN All-In-One Grill Stove Campingaz BTN All-In-One Grill Stove
-10 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522054496
A versatile, high-powered cooking appliance with multiple cooking functions, the Campingaz® 3-In-1 Stove can be used as a grill, griddle or stove. Easy to transport with a compact design that cleverly conceals a large cooking surface to create family feasts – from a hearty breakfast to an evening me..
RM1,151.10 RM1,279.00
Campingaz Camping 206 Stove Campingaz Camping 206 Stove
-10 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 5012832549324
Features:● Stable plastic base with safety cartridge holder● 4 strong stainless steel pan supports with built-in wind protection● Fully adjustable power● Fuel source : Campingaz® Gas Canister C206Specification:● Power: 1,250 watt● Gas consumption: 90g/h● Boil time: 5min 35sec (1litre)● Runtime: >..
RM152.10 RM169.00
Campingaz Twister® 270 Plus Stove Campingaz Twister® 270 Plus Stove
-10 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522041885
A compact, single burner stove ideal for easy transportation and storing during outdoors pursuits. The Twister Plus runs off Campingaz CV valve cartridges which can be quickly and easily connected or detached – even when they are not empty.Features:● Effortless, one click installation of cartridges ..
RM197.10 RM219.00
Coleman 10" Stainless Plate
-10 %
Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826707989
Features:● Non-stick stainless plate.● Ideal for steaming food or grilling.● Anti-corrosion & durable stainless steel.Specification:● Size: 22 (L) x 22 (W) × 1.8 (H) cm● Weight: Approximately 0.2 kg● Material: Stainless..
RM143.10 RM159.00
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