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Coleman Coffee Hand Drip Set Coleman Coffee Hand Drip Set
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826663650
A set of high-performance stainless steel dripper that allows you to enjoy the aroma and richness of coffee without a filter and a carafe that does not break even if dropped. Holds drip coffee for 4 people. Stainless dripper that does not require a paper filter. It has a sarcastic taste while retain..
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501935424
Features:● Cutlery set with a natural wooden handle that fits in your hand● Fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks set for one personSpecification:● Size: Knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks about 20 cm each● Weight: Approximately 130g● Materials: Stainless steel, natural wood..
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501232684
Lightweight and compact, easy to set up and withdraw. The all-stainless steel bonfire tableFeatures:● Rust-resistant all-stainless steel● Lightweight, compact storage● Easy setup, easy withdrawal● With storage caseSpecification:● Size when used: Approx. 100 x 100 x 27 (h) cm● Size when stored: Appro..
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826710477
A side shelf dedicated to Fireplace where you can place a cooking tool and enjoy BBQ and bonfire more convenientlySpecification:● Size: Approximately 29.7 × 21 × 4.5 (h) cm ● Weight: Approximately 0.55kg ● Material: Stainless steel..
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826663704
A classic kettle with a structure that is safe even with high heat and has a structure that makes it difficult for the ash of a durable stainless steel bonfire to enter.Features:● With a lid on the spout, bonfire ash does not enter● When pouring, the lid opens with water pressure● With a handle that..
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826548865
4-legged stand with outstanding stability to upgrade the bonfire.Features:● Combining a bonfire and a fireplace table to create a hearth wind● Easy to adjust the length of the chain with a stopper that is fixed by a load● Peace of mind with a loop and pegs that can be pegged down to the groundSpecif..
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826548827
Specification:● Size: about 57 x 3 x 3 (H) cm● Weight: about 281G● Material: Stainless Steel and Natural Wood● Accessories Included: Storage Case..
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Coleman Nordic Color Bowl (4 PCS) Coleman Nordic Color Bowl (4 PCS)
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826549053
Features● Can use in Microwave oven and dishwasher ● 4 Color 1 Set Specifications ● Size: about 19 × 19 × 4 cm ● Weight: about 68g / 1 piece  ● Material: polypropylene  ● heat-resistant temperature: about 120 ℃..
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Coleman Nordic Color Plate (4 PCS) Coleman Nordic Color Plate (4 PCS)
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826549060
Features:● Can use in Microwave oven and dishwasher● 4 Color 1 SetSpecification:● Size: about 25 × 25 × 2 cm ● Weight: about 116g / 1 piece ● Material: polypropylene ● Heat-resistant temperature: about 120 ℃..
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Coleman Outdoor 12Oz Tumbler
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826548872
Features:● Not crack when dropped! Authentic outdoor tumbler, such as glass. ● High durability not cracking even taking alcohol. ● Transparency comparable to glass. ● heat temperature of about 100 ℃.Specification:● Size: (tumbler 12OZ) about 13.5 × 7.9 cm, ● Weight: (tumbler 12OZ..
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Coleman Outdoor Caraffe
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826663698
Features:● Chemical resistance to keep the high degree of transparency.● Heat of temperature about 100 ℃.● Convenient to serve the drink at outdoor.Specification:● About: 15 × 12 × 18 Cm ● Weight: about 140G ● Capacity: about 1.1L● Material: Tritan (copolyester resin)..
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Coleman Outdoor Old Fashioned Glass
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826548896
Features:● Not crack when dropped! Outdoor tumbler like a real glass ● High durability not cracking even taking alcohol ● Transparency comparable to glass ● Heat temperature of about ℃ 100 Specification:● Size: (Old Fashion Glass) about 9 × 8 cm● Weight: (Old Fashion glass) about..
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