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Backpacking Lighting

Brand: COLEMAN Model: 3138522041960
FEATURESLightweight valve cartridge lanternEasy to set up and operateFeatures a fully detachable head for easy mantle access and Easy Clic® connectionIntegrated suspension chain handle can be used for either hanging or carryingIntegrated globe protection guard protects the lantern from knocksEasier ..
Brand: COLEMAN Model: 3138522033521
A favorite with hikers for its small footprint, this valve cartridge disconnects and reconnects easily. The gas is trapped due to a safety valve seal. This feature is a major advantage for transport, storage or when you want to use the same cartridge on different devices (stoves, lamps).FEATURESButa..
Brand: COLEMAN Model: 3138522033521
The Stellia® CV model is a high power two mantle lantern that operates off Campingaz® valve cartridge. The construction is extremely rugged with a rust and corrosion resistantventilator cap and high temperature resistant globe.FEATURES Power: 160 watt Gas consumption : 72 g/h PerfectF..
Brand: COLEMAN Model: 3138522046866
FEATURESIntegrated hanging/carrying, handleStrong & reliable with integrated globe protection guardFuel source: Campingaz® Gas Canister C206SPECIFICATIONPower: 80 wattWeight: 0.38 kgRuntime: 5hrs on C206Dimension: 11.5 x 26 cm..
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