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Campingaz C206 Pierceble Fuel Cartridge
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Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138520182009
FEATURESFor use with Campingaz® pierceable Clip & Go appliancesContaines 190g ButaneSingle use cartridges with the exclusive Clip & Go™ system make cartridge connection and replacement very easy and user friendlySuitable for intensive or longer useMost economical and widely available cartrid..
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Campingaz CV300 Plus Fuel Cartridge (Valve) Campingaz CV300 Plus Fuel Cartridge (Valve)
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Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522028930
FEATURESFor use with Campingaz® Easy Clic® PLUSand Easy Clic® appliances.High security self-sealing valve.Can be easily disconnected andreconnected even when not empty.Contains 240 g Butane/Propane mix SPECIFICATIONContains240g Butane/Propane mix (80/20)Size(without cap) ø 9 x 10.5 cmWeight: 0...
RM23.00 RM29.00
Campingaz CV470 Plus Fuel Cartridge (Valve)
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Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138520283072
A favorite with hikers for its small footprint, this valve cartridge disconnects and reconnects easily. The gas is trapped due to a safety valve seal. This feature is a major advantage for transport, storage or when you want to use the same cartridge on different devices (stoves, lamps). FEATUR..
RM29.75 RM35.00
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