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Brand: SEVYLOR Model: 4992826545086
2-way type that can be used for both kayaking and canoeing■ Specifications[Size when used]  Approx. 225 x 17 x 4 (h) cm (when kayaking paddle)  143 x 17 x 4 (h) cm (when canoeing)[Size when stored] Approx. 57 x 17 x 4 (h) cm[Weight] Approx. 830g[Material] Aluminum, PP, PVC..
Brand: SEVYLOR Model: 76501046267
Get your paddleboard moving when youre using a 72-in. Sevylor Maui Paddle. Its compact design breaks down into two pieces for easy, compact storage and transport. Its also durable. The lightweight, rigid carbon fiber shaft resists breaking, even in the waves. The glass-fiber-reinforced ABS paddle bl..
Brand: SEVYLOR Model: 76501116908
Get more from the oars that transport you accross the water with a pair of Sevylor® Heavy-Duty Aluminum Oars. The stainless steel connectors that hold together the aluminum shafts add strength and durability to these oars. The lightweight design allows you to use your strength to row deeper for more..
Brand: SEVYLOR Model: 76501116892
Row faster and easier with a pair of Sevylor® Aluminum Oars. The lightweight design allows you to use your strength to row deeper for more speed, and the spoon-shaped blades make easier work of cutting through the water. A drip ring on each shaft prevents water from splashing for a firmer grip, and ..
Brand: SEVYLOR Model: 76501116823
Specification:85 Inch length7.75 Inch-wide bladesLarge, sturdy ABS blades2-piece aluminum shaftCold-water grip with drip rings..
Brand: SEVYLOR Model: 76501116885
•Telescoping design for more compact storage•Sturdy, lightweight aluminum shafts•Spoon-shaped blades cut through water easier•Drip rings for a dry, firm grip•Tension collars near the blades for sturdy paddling•Floats when assembled to make finding them in the water easier•53 in. oar length•Designed ..
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