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120TH ANNIVERSARY SEASON LANTERN 2021 (1 Unit Per Customer Per Household) 120TH ANNIVERSARY SEASON LANTERN 2021 (1 Unit Per Customer Per Household)
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 2000036981
The 120th Anniversary Seasons Lantern is Classic Coleman Red. It is a product that can be used for a long time in the future with its design that does not fade and proper maintenance. The glove is engraved with the 120th anniversary logo and the "midnight sun" logo, which was once called the "midnig..
Model: 76501236484
Coleman Classic NORTHSTAR North Star LanternProduct Description:● Glass cover, protective steel ring and lamp cover are integrally formed for easy installation● New tip design of ignition rod, stable ignition● The lamp core adopts the upper and lower ONE TOUCH quick clip design● Use electronic ignit..
Model: 4536952542917
Prevents over-discharging while the lights are off and prolongs battery life Battery guard (TM)Gently illuminates the inside of a dark tentProduct Description:● Warm warm color● Waterproof performance: IPX4 compatible (splashing from all directions) the tolerable)Product Specification:● Dimensions: ..
Model: 4992826668891
Product Description:● Lantern stand can be easily set-up a new structure that is difficult to hook the legProduct Specification:● When using size: height about 109 ~ 226Cm ● When folded: about Fai11 × 90Cm ● Weight: about 1.4Kg ● Material: aluminum, steel, nylon, other ● function : Sliding height ad..
Campingaz Globe M Plus
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Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522044787
This Campingaz Round Globe is a replacement globe suitable for the Campingaz Lumostar, Lumogaz, Super Lumogaz and Camping 206L lanterns.Model number: 204478.Size: Medium.Dimensions: Height 8cm. Diameter 8.5cm.Weight: 104g...
RM39.20 RM49.00
Campingaz Lumo 206 Fuel Cartidge Lantern
-20 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522046866
Features:Integrated hanging/carrying, handleStrong & reliable with integrated globe protection guardFuel source: Campingaz® Gas Canister C206SPECIFICATIONSpecification:Power: 80 wattWeight: 0.38 kgRuntime: 5hrs on C206Dimension: 11.5 x 26 cm..
RM199.20 RM249.00
Campingaz lumostar Plus PZ Valve Cartridge Lantern Campingaz lumostar Plus PZ Valve Cartridge Lantern
-20 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522041960
FEATURESLightweight valve cartridge lanternEasy to set up and operateFeatures a fully detachable head for easy mantle access and Easy Clic® connectionIntegrated suspension chain handle can be used for either hanging or carryingIntegrated globe protection guard protects the lantern from knocksEasier ..
RM231.20 RM289.00
Campingaz Stella® CV Valve Cartridge Lantern Campingaz Stella® CV Valve Cartridge Lantern
-20 %
Brand: CAMPINGAZ Model: 3138522033521
A favorite with hikers for its small footprint, this valve cartridge disconnects and reconnects easily. The gas is trapped due to a safety valve seal. This feature is a major advantage for transport, storage or when you want to use the same cartridge on different devices (stoves, lamps).FEATURESButa..
RM599.20 RM749.00
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 76501219777
Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durabilitySock Insta-clip Tab, 2 Pack..
RM15.20 RM19.00
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826751371
Description:● Panel type lantern that can also be used as a flashlight, ideal as a tent light● Panel type lantern that can be used by hanging from a tent Convenient light that transforms into a flashlight when going out● Brightness: Approximately 150lm (lumen / panel High) ), Approximately 20lm (Lum..
RM191.20 RM239.00
Coleman Batterylock™ Compact Lantern (Natural Wood) Coleman Batterylock™ Compact Lantern (Natural Wood)
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Brand: COLEMAN Model: 4992826751395
A compact yet bright 400 lumens lantern that illuminates the surrounding area with a soft, gentle light.Features● Battery Lock™ system - Stops battery drain● IPX4 water-resistant designSpecifications● Brightness: 400 lumens● Bulb used: LED● Power Source: 3 x AAA Batteries (sold seperately)● Continuo..
RM199.20 RM249.00
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